Date registered: 2006/11/26 Sunday 11.16 am (SG time)
Official opening: 2006/12/21 Thursday
Contact email: zomguverx3___@___gmail.com (remove all underscores)

The topic of an UVERdomain (&fansite) was first brought up by Evelyn and Sie some time before GCE’O’ level examination (around mid to end of October 2006). Evelyn was initially apprehensive about the idea because she had 3 other domains running at that time.Besides, she was known for dropping her projects halfway. Later, she changed her mind since Sie had given her a positive response. Hence, the planning for the UVERdomain commenced. The period was a torture due to the fact that both of them had to first focus on their upcoming finals.

After exams ended, Shinya joined the team. We had a pretty heated argument concerning the domain we wanted to purchase. Shinya insisted that since there already existed an uverworld.com and uverworld.jp, an uverworld.net/org/nu/sg was too common. Hence, we started flipping through dictionaries to look for words starting with an OVER eg. OVERload. Shinya later suggested UVERflow, a combination of UVERworld and FLOW, Evelyn’s two favourite Japanese bands. However, the idea was scraped because Evelyn didn’t know much about FLOW. When it all came down to uverworld.net and all the payment had been settled, Evelyn’s host for rangiku.org had some problems and the registration was delayed for a few days. When he was about to register it on Saturday night, uverworld.net has been taken by a company. You wouldn’t believe how pissed Evelyn and Sie were. In the end, we registered uverworld.org, the only other extension available and shirts have been made by both Eve and Sie to commemorate this day (picture above).

This site currently runs together under flyne.net hosting package under an add-on domain. So if the link you visited suddenly changes to http://uver.flyne.net, do not panic.

The site, under the continuous support and encouragement from members from UVERtalk aims to provide English speaking UVERfans with an environment to celebrate their love for UVERworld. We might form a fanclub in the near future and organise our own activities since we can’t join the official fanclub because we do not live in Japan . We, the staff members of uverworld.org swear to put in our best and we seek your support and encouragement =)