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The misuse of any information and multimedia-related items should not be held against uverworld.org but the individual users instead. The staff members of this site will however, try our best to keep this to the minimum.

We are rotating our multimedia about once a month so as to let people experience UVERworld and thus urge them to SUPPORT UVERworld by BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS instead of downloading (and leeching) them. We are trying our best to keep everything legal, but we aren’t very familiar with the laws concerning these matters, and hence any infringement on any part of the constitutional law is not intended.

Last but not least, we would like to assert the fact again that this is only a fan site, not a profitable organisation. Every effort that we, the staff members put in has been done with no expected returns. We are just poor non-Japanese UVERworld fans hoping to contribute in some way to UVERworld in helping them spread their popularity and help them achieve their goal – to go OVER the WORLD.

Hence, unless a valid reason is given on why we should take down this site, Uverworld.org will continue to provide for English-speaking UVERworld fans text and visual information on the band itself.

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