Katsuya – Guitarist/Leader

Rumoured real name: Shiratori Katsuya ( 白鳥 克哉 )
Hometown: Shiga
Birth date: 22nd February 1981
Blood type: O
Horoscrope: Pisces
Height: 160cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Weight: 52kg (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Shoe Size: 26.0cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Interest: Reading the magazines and surfing the internet
Speciality : Cooking, long distance driving
Favourite food/drink: Pickled plums and Chinese-style food (official site), Coffee Latte Meiji (Animonster May 2006 issue)
Favourite Artists: m-flo, the band apart, slipknot
Something that he is proud of: Having more than 10 qualifications (?)
Actually… Takuya, Nobuto and himself are from the same childcare centre. Takuya and Akira stays very close to each other that you can walk from Takuya’s house to Akira’s house even with your eyes closed.


Who is Katsuya? WHO IS KATSUYA? Oh my goodness, how can you not know… (Unless you are a first time fan of the band, then maybe you’ll be forgiven (just joking ^^). Oh well, this shall be a lesson for you to remember.) He is *drumroll* THE BAND LEADER! In addition to that role, he plays the guitar and pretty much is responsible for the band. There are pictures showing him in an apron and he did say that one of his specialties is cooking. Since UVERworld members live together, I guessing that he cooks their meals most of the time. He is probably the one taking care of their basic needs, making sure that they are healthy. Nobuto did mention that Katsuya can be quite scary when he’s angry. (Kind of remind me of a Chinese term: 母老虎 which means tigress. Ah… can you feel the motherly love’? Okay, I’ll shut up, but then again, if I shut up, what will happen to the rest of the Katsuya profile? AH HA! I’ll continue typing my nonsense, while providing you Katsuya’s information.) Katsuya observes the rest of the other members from afar and will readily offer his help to whoever needs it.

His Childhood

Katsuya, Takuya and Nobuto knew each other since young. They were in fact, from the same childcare centre. (I often have the impression that when you say you were in the same childcare centre, you and that other person had often fight with each other. But can you imagine Katsuya hitting Takuya or Nobuto when they stole his toys? More like the other way round. *Cough* Ah, I think I watched too much anime.)

When he was young, he did a dance for ‘North Wind and Sun’ performance with Takuya (Probably one of those children dance performance where they dress in tutus and the likes *bricked*).

白鳥 克哉
In Chinese, 白 (bai) 鳥 (niao) can be translated literally into ‘white bird’.

Nobuto had written a song for Katsuya:

作詞・作曲 信人

「リーダー克哉 そのつぶらな目
犬のフンみたいに~ 壊れそうなバディーで
何時かまるめて ゴミ箱行きランデブー
オーマイフレンズ お前が俺を53と言うなら お前は931
オーマイフレンズ これからお前を俺は守り抜くぜ

Translations (thanks to Janice!):

“Oh My Friends”
Composed/Lyrics by Nobuto

Leader Katsuya; with his tiny dotted eyes
Just like the poo of dogs~ with a seemingly breakable body
You’ve always made me a stock of laughter
Some day you’ll be curled and thrown into the garbage can rendezvous
Oh my friends, if you call me 53 you are 931
Oh my friends, you will be protected by me always
Always only you from now on

Little facts:
1. He wrote the music to Toki no Namida
2. He can cook. In fact, he is UVERworld’s chef
3. He painted his nails before (some black and white design)
4. He wants a dog
5. He is the MC along with Takuya during live performances
6. He wrote the music of モノクローム~気付けなかったdevotion~ (monochrome ~kizukenakatta devotion~) for Takuya because he treasured that song
7. He has asthma, but he still smokes. Now he is trying to stop because he doesn’t want to waste his life away
8. He doesn’t like leaving things to the last minute
9. He sometimes replies letters that are addressed to him
10. His voice is rather unique that he did not sing in the Timeless album. So Takuya once wrote a song for his voice.
11. When he was young, he’s future dream had been a cook or a soccer player
12. He has at least an earhole (from what I could see)
13. He can also cook malay style food like Nasi goring
14. He is the one who decides what’s to be played during a live performance
15. He hates cockroaches (so much like a chef)
16. He wanted to play LIFEsize very well (or at least more than the other songs) because Takuya and Akira paid a lot of attention to it
17. The word behind Katsuya in ROOTS PV is sorrow
18. Apparently, he was nicknamed Donut and Takoyakki (but he doesn’t like the latter nick).
19. When he laughs, his eyes will disappear (I wonder if that’s what Nobuto’s referring to in his song about the beady eyes).
20. He likes to cook chinese style food the most
21. He once wanted to be a pilot when he was young
22. He taught Takuya how to fold his first paper plane

His crazy fandom:
1. has dubbed him as Kat-chan, Katsu-chan, Katsuya-mama, Katsu-mama, 母さん , 老妈 (mostly in the direction of mother… you get the idea?)
2. From the looks of it, some people also think of him as the fatherly figure in UVERworld
3. Want to learn how to cook from him
4. Evelyn wants him to switch places with Akira once a while as she believes he has the potential judging from expod-digital
5. Some people at Z!U has a (slight?) fetish with his cheekbones, and his laughter (which they describe as very kawaii and smexy).

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