Nobuto – Bassist

Rumoured real name: Kuwahara Nobuto ( 桑原 信人 )
Hometown: Shiga
Birth date: 14th February 1980 [This also happens to be Valentines’ Day
Horoscrope: Aquarius
Height: 171cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Weight: 64kg (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Shoe Size: 26.5cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Eye degree: 1.50 for both (PatiPati September 2006 issue) 1.00 for both (R&R Newsmaker 2007 issue)
Interest: Watching movies
Speciality : Acting cute / being childish
First CD: とんねるずのガラガラヘビ
Favourite food/drink: Shrimp, Haggen Dazz ice cream (Animonster May 2006)
Favourite Artists: TETSU, 韻シスト (rhyme cyst), Avril Lavigne
Influential Artists: L’Arc~en ~Ciel , slipknot
Treasure: MA-KO
Something that he is proud of: he is able to crack a joke anytime, anywhere
Actually… He’s right handed but tells others he’s left handed.

Nobuto, UVERworld’s most humorous member and the only bassist. Blessed with the ability to crack jokes easily, he has been described as the god of humour by his band mates. He has also been dubbed the God of Humour by some fans, as he can brighten up one’s day with his cranky jokes or comments, and much can be seen from his blog entries. He’s commented to be very clumsy (Katsuya mentioned it 4 times in only 2 sentences), and is terrible in hoola hoops (commented by Takuya). In fact, Takuya also mentioned that his charming point is his stupidity.

Despite his tough complex, he’s really a gentle, emotional guy who would cry over a song. When his sister gave birth, he also cried then. His passion for music can easily be seen on screen. In fact, during the UVERworld x Sid Live Performance, his bass strap broke in the middle of the concert. However, he continued to play despite the difficulty of having to hunch his back in an uncomfortable postion.

He can be seen on screen second from left, with Katsuya on his right and Takuya on his left. That’s an advantage for him because standing next to Takuya means showing up more on screen! Nobuto will always be moving his body to the song they are playing and this shows he really enjoys what he is doing at the moment. It seems that many has also noticed this point as quite a number of live reports described Nobuto as the one who ‘rocks his whole body towards the rhythm of the music’.

Also, Nobuto is blessed with the ability to look natural in photo shoots and interviews. Unlike his other band members, he does not restraint his laughter and would express himself freely in front of the media. Maybe this is a biased opinion, but one should not doubt how natural Nobuto looks in front of the cameras. It would probably be more convincing if you head straight over to the gallery section.

Nobuto has known Takuya since their pre-school days (they were from the same child care center). They have been friends for 26 years as of 2008 . Though it is not official, it seems that Nobuto and Takuya are best friends from the way they stand together during interviews and also their actions from Live performances. In fact, Nobuto and Takuya each started to have interest in music after listening to their siblings play during their secondary school (junior high) days. Nobuto’s brother was the bassist while Takuya’s sister was the vocalist (sense the connection?) They started a band together with another guy (Hideki), but they have no other instrument other than a guitar and so their live performances were mostly air guitaring with the occasional real guitar.

It was said that while Nobuto was joining the car license acquisition training camp outside the prefecture (not in Shiga), TAKUYA8 found Shintaro and they start a band without Nobuto. TAKUYA8 then called Nobuto (while he is still in camp) and said “Hey I made a band”. When Nobuto returned to Shiga after the obtaining the license, TAKUYA8 invited Nobuto to the band live show. He was sitting in the front but feeling angry.

They also show the most affection to each other as they have the most hugging/arm slinging pictures. In the PatiPati Dec 2008, the photographer had requested them to hold hands. Nobuto was quite embarrassed, but Takuya told him to let’s just do it.
Plug: Takuya & Nobuto relationship fanlisting, TakuNobu LJ Comm.

桑原 信人
In chinese, 信 (xin) 人(ren) can be translated literally into ‘trusted person’.
So when his parent’s gave him this name, they were probably hoping Nobuto will turn out to be someone trustworthy. This came true as Katsuya mentioned in R&R Newsmaker Feb 2007 that Nobuto’s clumsiness makes him a trustworthy person.

Nobuto – his blog
Nobuto has blogged several times in the past, using nicknames like nobububu, nobibi, be, babito, nobibu, etc. His blog entries are humourous, and from UVERtalk, there was one entry where he talked about him walking his pet alligator and it bit his hand off.

Zalm from JustUver was also kind enough to translate some of his entries, and it seems that he had gotten into a car accident sometime before they debut as UVERworld. The entry was seemingly serious at the beginning, talking about him doing warm ups, then he started rambling about earthquake, that his house will collapse, and his heart may accidentally get pierced by a random wire. Then he mentioned that he will donate his heart should anything happen to him (touch wood, though I wouldn’t mind having his heart *bricked*). An even more ridiculous one was about a guy who cosplayed a maid in hentai street no less. (I really wonder what perverted stuff goes through his mind. Wait, I think I rather not.). There are actually lots more other entries but I do not have the translations.

A song for leader Katsuya

作詞・作曲 信人

「リーダー克哉 そのつぶらな目
犬のフンみたいに~ 壊れそうなバディーで
何時かまるめて ゴミ箱行きランデブー
オーマイフレンズ お前が俺を53と言うなら お前は931
オーマイフレンズ これからお前を俺は守り抜くぜ

Translations (thanks to Janice!):
“Oh My Friends”
Composed/Lyrics by Nobuto

Leader Katsuya; with his tiny dotted eyes
Just like the poo of dogs~ with a seemingly breakable body
You’ve always made me a stock of laughter
Some day you’ll be curled and thrown into the garbage can rendezvous
Oh my friends, if you call me 53 you are 931
Oh my friends, you will be protected by me always
Always only you from now on

I don’t quite understand what he meant in the lyrics, maybe it’s just random stuff, maybe it’s an inside joke, but it does show some things about Nobuto: even though he sounded mean, but it’s actually his form of endearment** (like how friends sometimes call each other stupid, but know they don’t really mean it). It also does show how much he treasures his friends and wishes to always be able to protect them, be it physical or emotional. Perhaps that’s why he’s dubbed the God of Humour, because he wants to be able to always cheers up his friends. Nobuto (and Takuya) noticed that Katsuya had changed (between 2006 and 2007), and that Katsuya seemed less energetic than before. This song was probably created to cheer him up, and to tell him that he will always be there for him**. This showed his concern for his friends, and his ability to pick up small details about people. I guess as an emotional guy, he’s quite sensitive to people’s mood, and thus is able to read a person well.

Little facts:
1. He sings while he bathes and it seems that he is bad at that he is VERY terrible at it.
2. Like Takuya, he is also a pervert and would be very happy if his girlfriend calls him one.
3. He is pretty emotional. He cried when he first s aw the lyrics for hitori jya nai kara (3rd track, 4th single)
4. When he was young, he watched Chucky and tried imitating him. Nobuto took a knife and hold it up, saying ‘I am Chucky’. His mom beat him up.
5. Like Takuya, he walks around the house without wearing any boxers or pants (heyx3 CHANCE! Interview)
6. Is a huge fan of Shounen Jump
7. He came up with the 8 th single’s title, Shaka Beach , which had meant Shake a Beach or Shark a Beach.
8. He had a cat called pudding which ran away. Then he bought another cat and also called it pudding, and it ran away again.
9. He loves his sisters a lot, and cried when one of them gave birth
10. Nobuto always rate himself as the manliest member of the team
11. Nobuto never fails to say ‘YES’ to the question ‘Are you happy with your present life?’
12. Nobuto’s favourite song in Proglution is kokoro ga sasu basho to kuchiguse soshite kimi ga tsui te kuru but he cannot remember the full title and refers to it as Kokoro when asked.
13. Nobuto starts physical training since 2006 with a personal trainner helping him
14. Nobuto said TAKUYA8 is bald (he has shaven his hair), and it resulted ina big fight with the rope. They become a great friends afterwards.
15. He and Takuya have been involved in at least 3 car accidents together. One of them was Nobuto driving a car and another was Takuya driving a motorcycle. They thought they will die together for 3 times.
16. Nobuto is probably the last one to join the band (Sangoku Road).
17. He works as a part time of a homebuilder before joining the band. He used the salary to buy the instrument.
18. Takuya and Nobuto like to go out together whenever they are free.
19. According to Katsuya, Nobuto did sermonizing on something for 16 hours non stop.
20. Nobuto mention that he watched the movie, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ with Takuya, and while he has a deep impression of it, Takuya didn’t.
21. The bass that Nobuto was using in Koishikute valued 1,000,000 yen.
22. The word behind Nobuto in the ROOTS pv was love.

*3 translated by ZaLM from a Japanese blog
*4 & 5 Octoballz’s translation
*14-19, 21 translated by Mitsuru
*20 translated by sparklesrainbow

His crazy fandom:
1. Is affectionally dubbed as Nobu-kun, Nobubu, Bubu, ??
2. Sie claims that she’s the property of Nobuto since Nobuto can’t be her property.
3. IBelongToTakuya and sie from UVERtalk claimed that they’ll barge into Nobuto’s house and say something like ‘Nobuto, come back! We promise we won’t molest harm you!’
4. Since UVERtv – Shaka Beach , Shinya would sometimes call him NOse BUg because Akira’s drawing of NOBU reminds her of one.
5. Doesn’t mind him singing (FANS: Yeah, Go Nobuto! I think you should duet or take over Takuya as lead singer!)

If you would like to add your opinions into his fandom, feel free to contact us. We apologize for inconvenience caused. Please be patient before we incorporate a message board. If you are the real Nobuto and you are reading this, you should know how scary your non-japanese speaking fangirls are. Actually I can almost hear you laughing.

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