Shintarou – Drummer

Rumoured real name: Tamaki Shintarou (玉置 真太郎)
Hometown: Shiga
Birth date: 11.05.1983 (23)
Blood type: O
Horoscrope: Scorpio
Height: 175cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Weight: 63kg (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Shoe Size: 27.5cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Eye degree: 2.0 for both (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Interest: To put his legs into the heater while watching TV
Speciality: Baseball
First CD: urufuruzu [banzai]
Favourite food/drink: None
Hated food: None
Favourite Artist: sub lime
Influential Artists: 中村达也
Treasure: Health
Reasons for starting music: There is a drum set at his house
Something that he is proud of: None

Normally pegged as the “quiet one,” Shintarou occupies the role of the drummer in UVERworld. Being a man of few words, not much is known about Shintarou as the other bands members. While it is rumored that Shintarou played drums for the defunct band DOUBLE IMPACT, it remains a rumor. Despite Shintarou’s somewhat more mysterious demeanor, in public he seems very much composed and is sometimes said to be the most mature member of the group. Still, between rocking out in performances and appearing quietly in public, Shintarou still has fun goofing off with the other members. His band-mates claim to have never seen him angry; and his maturity has gotten him mistaken as a University student. In more recent appearances though, Shintarou is more talkative, but still remains relatively reserved. When asked in one of the older magazine interviews what animal he would be and why, he simply replied “a tree.” Interesting, indeed.

Personality wise, his laid-back attitude might be the reason why Shintarou is relatively lazy. For example, when it was time for Shintarou to give up the most wanted living room to Nobuto, he took his own sweet time to move his things, even though he does not like living in that room due to the lack of privacy.

Music wise, Shintarou has a huge talent for drumming and Akira who is an equally talented guitarist acknowledged that Shintarou’s drumming is very good. Listen to Expod-digital ~members’ session~ if you are unconvinced. Other than drumming, Shintarou is also known to be able to play on the guitar, which is proven in BUGRIGHT documentary (DVD), where he took over Katsuya’s spot as a guitarist when UVERworld were messing around during live rehearsals. In the same DVD, Shintarou was also seen to be able to play the piano, but only that one song. Nobuto claims that Shintarou is worse than him when it comes to piano, but that statement is yet proven because we have not seen Nobuto plays the piano before. Shintarou admitted that he used to take piano lessons when he was young, but he forgot everything after he stopped.

Other than music, Shintarou has a huge passion for sports, definitely more than Takuya. In his yearbook, he wrote that his ambition is to be a professional baseball player. Baseball is Shintarou’s favourite sport, which he is really good at. Shintarou and Takuya are in the same baseball team, named ‘Tokyo Dobreman’. Takuya admires Shintarou for his sporting talent that in CLASSWORD, that when each member was asked ‘Who of UVERworld would you want to be for one day?’, Takuya’s answer was ‘Shintarou’ because he wants to play baseball as well as Shintarou. To the same question, Shintarou’s answer was ‘Takuya’ because he wants to be able to sing as well as him. Due to his love for sports, Shintarou also prefers reading sports-genre manga (Japanese comics). He states his favourite manga as ‘Slam Dunk’ (a manga revolving around Basketball)

Shintarou & UVERworld
Shintarou and Takuya shares a close relationship not just because of their common interest in sports, but because both of them have been appearing in radio shows from the start of PROGLUTION era. In one of the programs, the radio DJs had to direct their questions staright at Shintarou due to his lack of response. Takuya described Shintarou as an adaptable person. As Takuya is Shintarou’s senpai (senior), it is noted that Shintarou calls Takuya ‘Takuya-kun’.

Nobuto and Shintarou are possibly also very close with each other as they often practise together. Both Shintarou and Nobuto like reading manga.

Personality wise, Shintarou’s and Katsuya’s are nearly opposite. While Shintarou is insensitive and laid back, Katsuya is the mother of UVERworld, offering his help (fussy mother attitude) whenever possible. Therefore, it is generally assumed that Shintarou and Katsuya are a good match as they compliment each other. When it comes to UVERfamily, Katsuya and Shintarou are often paired together, especially after UVERtv #4 where Katsuya hit Shintarou lightly on the head.

Little Facts
1. Shintarou’s type is someone with neat handwriting. (UVERtalk)
2. If he could be anyone he would be a character from SLAM DUNK. (UVERtalk)
3. If he had a girlfriend, he would love for her to say, “I’m happy to be with you!”
4. He’s the tallest member of UVERworld.
5. He is very health conscious.
6. Once, he ordered a set of drum sticks that has his name printed on it. However, they made a mistake and printed Shintatorou instead.
7. When asked in UVERtv#3 (2007) what he visioned himself to be in 5 years time, Shintarou replied ” A father”
8. When asked for his girl type, Shintarou said he wants to try dating someone older than him.
9. He sleeps very often, be it on the train or the plane.
10. Very dedicated to UVERworld. When asked what CDs he would bring if he were to be stranded on an island, his response was ‘UVERworld CDs’ because it brings him memories.
11. Compared to the other smokers among the members, Shintarou is seen to smoke more often.
12. Sometimes, Shintarou will throw his drumsticks after a live performance.
13. Some fans think that Shintarou looks like Takeshi from the side view.
14. Sleeps with an UVERchan

His crazy fandom:
1. The admin of UVERtalk’s birthday is only 3 days away from Shintarou’s.
2. The admin of UVERorg’s birthday is only 1 day after Shintarou’s
3. When Eve’s mom’s friends saw Shintarou’s just Melody era hairstyle, they said ‘wow, his hairstyle reminds me of our potted plant back at home!’
4. Eve’s cousin, who is a drummer admires Shintarou.
5. Many fans believe that Shintarou is the father of UVERworld, even though he is one of the youngest member.
6. Many fans think that Shintarou should go for modelling career as recent magazine appearances prove that Shintarou might have the talent as a model.
7. His fans call him “silent killer” because he’s too sexy and kills fans by nosebleed and dehydration by drooling
8. He has an harem of Z!U fans, that he isn’t aware of
9. His fans believes he’s a fashionista because he’s too hot and always know what to wear
10. Shintarou’s Fans believes “UVERjump” is great but is discrimination against him because he can’t jump with the drums! (even though we LOVE the UVERjump)
11. Made a SHINary (which is a dictionary on Shintarou used by his fans)

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