TAKUYA – Vocalist

Real name: Shimizu Takuya (清水 琢也)
Hometown: Shiga
Birth date: 21st December 1979
Horoscrope: Sagitarius
Height: 168cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Weight: 56kg (PatiPati September 2006 issue) 55kg (R&R Newsmaker February 2007)
Shoe Size: 25.0cm (PatiPati September 2006 issue)
Eye degree: 2.00 for both (PatiPati September 2006 issue) (doesn’t wear contacts)
Interest: Creating songs that do not make sense to others
Speciality: To ignore his surroundings
First CD: 矢沢永吉 (Father’s influence)
Favourite food/drink: There is, but refuse to reveal (from official site), Plain water (from Animonster May 2006 issue)
Hated food: None
Favourite colour: Yellow, White, Black, Red
Favourite Artist (& Most influencial): Reigo5
Favourite quote: Feelings filled with wishes will someday create colours (Colors of the heart lyrics)
Motivation: When you want to accomplish a task, give your best. Turn whatever’s stopping you into the strength to move forward! Don’t let anybody stop you!
Treasure: There is, but refuse to reveal
Something that he is proud of: His friends from his hometown are all idiots. (?)
Actually… he wasn’t born in the hospital, but in his own house.

清水 琢也& ∞
In chinese, 清 (qing) 水 (shui) can be translated literally into ‘clear water’
Also, the infinity (∞) sign behind Takuya’s name means that his potential is of infinite possibility. This means that he wants to continue improving himself. This will be discussed later on in his personality.

Takuya: his childhood
Takuya was originally borned in Osaka, at his own home even though he regards his hometown as Shiga. He moved to Shiga from Osaka during kindergarden (to Nobuto’s school) due to his parents’ jobs.

When he was still a baby, his mother likes to dress him up (even in girls’ clothes) and audition him and his sister into things like commercials. Takuya and his sister would however throw a tantrum and wishes to go home. Katsuya said that Takuya was really cute when he was young. Even as a kid, he is pretty much hyperactive. His curiosity get the better of him when he walked to the balcony alone to see the world with his own eyes while his parents weren’t around. Unfortunately, he fell down from the balcony and he still has that scar till date.


Takuya & UVERworld
Takuya is extremely dedicated to UVERworld and has repeatedly mentioned that he is glad in forming UVERworld. In one of the interviews, when asked what CD will he bring if he were to be stranded in a deserted island, he mentioned ‘UVERworld’ because he believed they are the best. He is confident of UVERworld’s future and will do his best in order for UVERworld to achieve their goals. Even though there are some fans who feared that Takuya might go solo as they believe Takuya is capable in doing so, especially after the interview with Takanori Nishikawa who mentioned that in the future, Takuya might be forced to go solo when their (UVERworld’s) differences become more distinct, Takuya seems to deny such possibility at the moment. However, in GUN PROGLUTION (2008), Takuya mentioned that he wants to be able to play the instruments better than any of the members, such that the interviewer teased him, asking whether he is planning to form a one man band. Takuya’s respond to this was “I wouldn’t know about this”.

Takuya has been friends with Nobuto and Katsuya since their childhood days. Katsuya was the one who taught Takuya how to fold a paper aeroplane. Katsuya has a lot of Takuya’s childhood pictures it seems. Katsuya and Takuya were once again reunited during Secondary school, when Takuya invited Katsuya to form a band with him and Nobuto.

Takuya and Akira were neighbours and Katsuya said that you can even walk from Akira’s house to Takuya’s house with your eyes closed. Takuya was also the one who convinced Akira to join the late Sangoku Road. Takuya described Akira as his reliable music mate. Even though Takuya was the one who wrote most of UVERworld’s music, Akira has been of a great help. For example in Live Everyday as Though It Were the Last Day, Akira was the one who modified the melody line. In the song LIFEsize, written by both Akira and Takuya, they both worked hard on it till late night and hugged each other when they finally finished the song. Akira calls Takuya ‘Takuya-kun’ while Takuya calls Akira just ‘Akira’ without the suffix.

Takuya and Shintarou met and formed Sangoku Road. They have no prior connection before. However within that short period of time, they have grown very close. Takuya and Shintarou have been appearing on radio interviews together very often. Outside UVERworld, they are in the same baseball team called Tokyo Dobreman. In CLASSWORD, when asked who each of the member want to become if they can become another member for 1 day,Takuya mentioned he wants to be Shintarou because he wants to play baseball as good as Shintarou whereas Shintarou wants to be Takuya because he wants to sing. Shintarou also calls Takuya with the suffix -kun.

Takuya’s friendship with Nobuto however is still the most remarkable one. They have been friends for 25 years as of 2007. They were in the same kindergarden (for a while before Takuya transferred to Katsuya’s kindergarden), primary school and middle school.

Their first meeting was hilarious. Takuya called Nobuto ‘hage’ (meaning bald) even though Nobuto wasn’t bald at all (as you can see from the picture to the left). Nobuto, being sensitive about being called ‘bald’, burst out in anger. He took a skipping rope and attempted to whip Takuya with it. However soon, the school bell rang and they instantly stopped fighting. The next day, they were already good friends, totally forgetting about the fight that took place the previous day (and so we call it, the beginning of a strange friendship).

That was the starting point of Takuya’s continuous ‘betrayal’ towards Nobuto.
1. During Primary 4, Nobuto tried to play a prank on Takuya, intending to push the classroom door on Takuya when he enters. However, Takuya, completely unaware of it, pushed the door really hard such that it fell on Nobuto instead. Nobuto was in pain, yet Takuya thought that Nobuto was acting. Later on Nobuto got scolded by the teacher while Takuya did not get any scolding. Takuya revealed that Nobuto is often the only one scolded even though they did bad things together.

Even so… They are still good friends.
2. During middle school, Takuya, Nobuto and another close friend formed a band upon inspired by their siblings who performed during the cultural festival. HOWEVER, all 3 of them assumed the position of the guitarist. And… none of them has a guitar, such that they were all playing air guitar. Takuya and Nobuto later on bought their instruments and Katsuya joined them. Nobuto self-proclaimed himself as the producer and named the band ‘Nobuto band’ (even though he wasn’t that dedicated to the band xD). That was then Takuya ‘betrayed’ Nobuto (and Katsuya) again…

In 2000, Takuya scouted for a drummer and found Shintarou, forming the band ‘SOUNDgoku Road’. Katsuya too joined them, leaving only Nobuto behind while he was out of town. Nobuto asked Takuya whether he could join this band and he finally became a member of SOUNDgoku Road.
3. When UVERworld moved into Tokyo, they rented a 4LDK, while they consist of 5 people. Hence, Takuya, seeing that the living room is spacious, suggested Nobuto should just sleep there. Takuya defended himself saying that they actually decided on who to sleep in the living room by playing scissors paper stone. Nobuto, being weak at it, lost.
Though it is not official (actually it is official now), it seems that Takuya and Nobuto are best friends from the way they stand together during interviews and also their actions from Live performances. Plus them having slung a hand over each others’ shoulders countless times and sharing a few hugs *coughs* In CLASSWORD, when each member was asked to leave a message for the other members, Takuya said to Nobuto ‘I am glad to have met you’ whereas Nobuto said ‘From now on, let’s be ‘baka’ (stupid) together!). it is apparent that Takuya and Nobuto understand each other very well and are able to describe each other’s personality in many magazine interviews. For example, Takuya has been the one teasing Nobuto about his weaknesses. Nobuto has also mentioned Takuya has many good points he does not have and also bad points. Unless they are very close, Nobuto would not have the courage to mention that. In fact, Takuya and Nobuto each started to have interest in music after listening to their siblings play during their secondary school (junior high) days. Takuya’s sister was the vocalist while Nobuto’s brother was the bassist. Takuya was the one who gave Nobuto the nickname ‘Shishou’ (??) which can be translated as teacher. For more information, please visit the Takuya & Nobuto relationship fanlisting.

Takuya & music: first meeting
Takuya started learning music when his father gave him a folk guitar. He has since then started learning music by himself. As mentioned earlier, Takuya and Nobuto, then in their 1st year of junior high were inspired by their elder siblings which then drove them to create a band with another of their Junior high friend – Hideki. He started out as a guitarist. He loved music and started writing songs even with that little experience he had, namely:

1. ころしちまいな (koroshi chi mai na)
“お前の事なんか知らねえ 人の陰口叩く野郎 (Omae no koto nanka shira nee, hito no kageguchi tataku erou)
俺は 俺は Wow Wow! (ore wa, ore wa, Wow Wow!)”
2. リングにかけろ (ringu ni kakero)
3. 午前4時のワイングラス (gozen yoji no wine glass)
“あ〜俺の涙も…..” (Ah~ ore no namida mo)
4. 神様にお願い (kami sama ni onegai)

Innocently, he thought that they were able to debut. However, later on he realised that he does not have that talent after all (Takuya was even embarassed to talk about his first few compositions), however he did not stop. After he finished junior high, he started living alone and did not go to high school. He started working and continued playing music. Eventually, he became a surfing and skateboarding nerd and stopped playing music altogether. However, he realised that this does not fit him and it lead him to the path of music again, with the help of people like Yutaka Ozaki (was a popular Jpop singer) who inspired him. He wrote this experience into a song, which we know as ‘LIFEsize’.

Takuya: as vocalist & programmer of UVERworld
Takuya is the front man of UVERworld, he writes all of the lyrics (initially with the help of lyricist Alice Ice till Colors of the Heart era) and most music for songs performed by the band itself. He is a talented individual who is known to be able to play all the instruments (Guitar, Bass and drums) all by himself. Besides that, he is also known to play the piano and might be interested in learning the violins. He got his first try in violins in Kimi no suki na uta but he wasn’t the one who is playing it.

Takuya love his fans. When a fan asked whether UVERworld are able to see the smiles of the fans from the stage during live performances, Takuya answered ‘of course, even though my eye degree is 2.0’. Whenever he leaves his signature, he never fail to write ‘Ai rabyu’ (I love you) and in UVERtv #4, he shouted ‘I LOVE YOU’ at the end of the program. In his blog entry (discussed later), he mentioned that fans are the ones who keep him going and further improving himself as an individual, and as the vocalist of UVERworld.

Takuya & his approach towards music
Takuya loves challenges. He likes creating new things. In one of the interviews, Takuya asserted that if he can’t make a music better than the one he made previously, he should just stop writing music because it does not prove his potential (the reason for the ‘∞’ sign behind his name). Such attitude might also be the driving force in the creation of Taku-words and Taku-styles such as words like ‘Bakori’, ‘BUGRIGHT’, ‘Shaka Beach’ (with the help of Nobuto), ‘LIFEsize’ and his own definition of ‘Rock’ and ‘One and Only’. It is spectaculated that in the near future, ‘BUGRIGHT’ might even make it into the dictionary due to its interesting definition. Additionally, Takuya is very detail-oriented. Unfortunately, these ‘details’ is often overlooked by some fans. Simple songs such as ‘endscape’ is actually very detailed, but is shunned by some fans due to its overly simple outlook.

Previously, Takuya revealed that he finds it hard for him to write lyrics. During his junior high days (refer to above), he often write random lyrics such as ‘I want to kill him’ (as revealed in CLASSWORD and later Gekidou Music Fighter performance & interview). This however changes after the major debut of UVERworld. Partly influenced by his fans, he started writing lyrics that can inspire others just like how his idols (Reigo5 & Yutaka Ozaki) inspired him before. For example, CHANCE!, Nagare Kuukyo ~This word~ and zero no kotae. This change is particularly evident in post-Timeless period.

Takuya & English
As mentioned earlier, Takuya loves challenges because it pushes him to go further. Even though he is relatively bad in English, he never fails to incorporate them to his lyrics, with the exception of songs like Charmant no ura. Another purpose of Takuya learning English is to further interact with the fans worldwide. To achieve UVERworld’s goal, which is to make their music be known worldwide, it is of course important for them to know English. Takuya, who treasures the bond shared among the members took the initiative to take English classes and hope to make tours in the USA if possible. Takuya’s improvement is not instant but is still remarkable. Many fans have claimed that they are able to hear Takuya’s English instead of Engrish now.

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