Real name: UVERchan (also known as UVERbear)
Birth date: Unknown (Age unknown)
Gender: Unknown (possibly unisex)
Blood type: UVERchan has no blood
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown (but we all know he’s fat)
Favourite food: Unknown (hopefully, it’s not human)
Creator: David Horvath

UVERchan is the invisible 6th member of UVERworld that plays the role of the mascot. As seen from the picture on the left, it takes the shape of a bear with bat-like black wings.

Actually, we cannot be sure whether UVERchan is indeed the 6th member because it has taken up so many different forms that it is hard to keep track.

Big ears, big eyes (but small pupil), white teeth, ring on the arms, and a pair of small wings. Lastly, the fluffy tail. This character is a big hit in Amercian. A mysteriouse creature that David Horvath has created! A cute character that loves music and even dances when it listens. Colorful with POP, a little strange!? It feels like that, the peaceful appearance and the cuteness of it makes it such a lovable character!

- Octoballz had kindly translated the description of UVER-chan from the official site

UVERchan had made several appearances in the cover of UVERworld’s first 3 singles and 1st album. All the four UVERchans have different colours. The one in D-tecnolife is pink, in CHANCE! it’s green, in just Melody, it’s orange and in Timeless, it’s white.

There are spectaculations on whether the 5 UVERchans in the album cover of Timeless represents each member. If that is the case, then Takuya is most probably the white UVERchan.

Unfortunately, UVERchan has made a disappearance from the 4th single onwards, and the CD jacket is replaced with another type of illustrations where each character represents each member.

UVERchan has also been made into fan items – plushies and T-shirt. The plushies come in 5 different colours and can only be found in their home country, Japan. It is, however manufactured in China. Poor fans like Evelyn and Sie have to resort into getting Ai-chan to sew her a white UVERchan.

(Picture credit: UVERworld Chinese forum)

UVER-chan plushie was actually suppose to be a limited edition doll (only 200 to be produced) and only sold in Japan. However, the factory making the dolls broke the liscensing agreement by producing more and selling them in China, UK and US.

Little Facts
1. Nobuto and Katsuya once celebrated their birthday together with an UVER-chan cake
2. Shintarou sleeps with an UVER-chan