UVERworld’s staff members come and go. They work in the background, supporting UVERworld all the time – maintaining their websites; promoting them; organising their schedule, filming their PVs and everything UVERworld can’t possibly do themselves (especially fashion-related which we all concluded Takuya has a weird fashion taste xDD). Hence, this section is just a dedication to the few staff members who we known off as of now.

Manager • Takeshi
See that Afro guy? That is who we all know as Takeshi, UVERworld’s all-important manager. As UVERworld’s manager, Takeshi is often seen around UVERworld, though most of the time not shown that he is there. He never fails to accompany UVERworld to any activities they have. His job includes updating UVERworld’s official fanclub’s (Neo Sound Wave) member blogs.

As such, Takeshi is very close to the UVERworld members, Though Takuya mentioned once that if he were to have a Death Note (from Takuya’s favourite manga, Death note), he will write Takeshi’s name. That’s a joke of course. It seems that Takeshi can bestrict with them at times (Akira drew an angry Takeshi in UVERtv [picture below]). However, the relationship between Takeshi-UVERworld can be said as better than the normal Celebrity-Manager relationship as Takeshi has appeared many times (unlike most managers who work in the background). This is also probably the reason why Takeshi has been appearing in UVERtvs. Once, Akira drew a picture of Takeshi in UVERtv #3.

UVERworld also relies on their manager a lot. In one of the interviews where the interviewer asked ‘If there is a fan who wants to watch your live, but can’t, what will you do?’ Shintarou answered, ‘Look for the manager, he will know what to do’. In another interview which the question was ‘When you were walking home and you saw a drunken man bullying a weak person, what will you do?’ Takuya’s answer was ‘I will look for my manager, he will do something (laughs).’ Seems like UVERworld has been abusing Takeshi’s existence eh?

Takeshi is pretty popular among UVERfans (because of his afro?).

DJ • Seika
Yes, you probably think this name is familiar. DJseika and SANGOKUROADseika is actually the same person, much to everyone’s surprise. In one of the UVERworld’s lives, DJseika actually played the saxophone solo for Yasashisa no Shizuku, proving that they are indeed the same Seika. The reason why he stopped playing the saxophone for UVERworld and instead became their DJ is unknown.

Seika is a very important member, especially during live performances because apparently he IS the DJ. Additionally, Seika also records UVERworld’s chorus together with the rest of the UVERworld members. This is shown in BUGRIGHT documentary in BUGRIGHT DVD. Seika is also often seen in their live DVDs who stands behind Akira.

However, unlike Takeshi and Kamii (stylist, below), Seika is very seldom mentioned though he is often seen in snapshots during and before lives.

Starting in 2011 till now, DJ Seika began to be featured in UVERworld’s tracks, playing the saxophone. It started out during CORE PRIDE and became a major part in their album: ‘Life 6 Sense.’ Not only the music, also in their Promotional videos. As far as we know, the International fans are wild about Seika’s skills in the saxophone. Even after the album, he continued to be featured in their songs (7th Trigger single). It’s almost like he is the 6th member.

Stylist • Daisuke Kamii
Another UVERimportant member that contributed to UVERworld’s current popularity is no doubt, Kamii-san (wow his surname actually sounds like ‘kami’ which is = god, no pun intended). This talented hair stylist have never failed in making UVERworld look their best, be it in magazine photo shoots or PV shootings, even when Takuya looks not-so-handsome in his short hair, stylist-san never fails to make him look good.

Like Takeshi, Kamii is very close to UVERworld. In his blog, he often blog about UVERworld, when they are at work, and when they are off from work. UVERworld and Kamii would eat lunch/dinner together on some occassions. UVERworld also celebrated his birthday with a cake before. Kamii had also been invited to UVERtv #3 as a special guest and Akira drew a picture of him.

Promoter/Staff Blogger – D-san (dR2 or dRII)
D-san is very known on Twitter for both International and Japanese fans. He’s a Sony A&R and is known to take care of promotions and marketing of UVERworld. He also communicates with the International fans, learning and speaking English. Actually, it’s possible he’s the only UVERworld staff who speaks English. He uses Twitter to keep the fans updated about UVERworld and helps International fans to understand UVERworld’s lyrics and meanings. He’s also in charge of UVERworld’s Official Staff blog.

As we don’t know his real name, dR2 stands for (Death Rider the 2nd) as he took the name from the original A&R staff member before him. ‘D-san’ came from the International fans. (He knows this hehehe.)

You can follow he Twitter accounts here: @dR2_for_oversea (English) and UVERworld_dR2 (Japanese)

Takuya Nakashiro: is UVERworld’s CD jacket designer from endscape to PROGLUTION period. Yes, he is the designer who designed that Shaka Beach cover, which the English fanbase resent but liked by the Japanese fandom. Nakashiro’s style is definitely different from the previous two designers, namely David Horvath and Wake Up inc. Nakashiro prefers to create the jackets with using his photoshop effects. Takuya is also the creator of the UW logo.

Alice Ice: is a lyricist who helped Takuya in his lyrics in Timeless – Colors of the Heart period.

Satoru Hiraide: is the person who arranged UVERworld’s singles and albums.